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The Kaizen Project's goal is to bring together the DFW community through a meal drive. People from various socioeconomic backgrounds come together to fund, deliver, and receive Thanksgiving meals. The plan is simple: raise money, buy food, pack food, and deliver food to those in need. The organization is run entirely by student volunteers and is a part of the broader Famcore Foundation, which sponsors other service projects similar to the Kaizen Project. 

"Kaizen" is a mindset centered on continuous improvement. We hope to improve the lives of those we help and the community as a whole year after year. As time goes on, the Kaizen Project will be seen as an example of how great an impact a small group of dedicated individuals can have on the lives of so many others. Come join us and witness the benefits of giving back



Want to start your own drive? Check out the Famcore Foundation, a non-profit offering seed capital to start-up non-profits.

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Who We Are...



Davis Martin

Davis Martin is a student at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, where he is majoring in Biology on a pre-med track. Davis graduated from Jesuit High School New Orleans in 2017 and was one of the original co-founders of Hams For Fams. After graduation, Davis hopes to attend medical school to become an orthopedic surgeon. In 2017, Davis was named by Gambit as one of New Orleans’s top achievers for his work in founding Hams For Fams.  Davis was also awarded the Very Reverend Father Pedro Arrupe Award by Jesuit High School New Orleans, which is given to the graduating Senior who did the most in service to those in need during his 5 years.




Nikhil Gogineni

Nikhil is a biology major on the pre-medical track at the University of Texas at Dallas. After graduating, he plans to go to medical school and pursue a career in the healthcare field. Nikhil was born and brought up in New Orleans and graduated from Jesuit High School in 2017. A board member since the founding of Hams For Fams and Famcore Foundation, Nikhil hopes to continue serving the community across the world.



Chief Operating Officer

Matthew Garcia

Matthew is a member of the class of 2021 at Texas Christian University from Los Angeles, California where he graduated from Damien High School. He is currently on a pre-med track and majoring in Biology with a minor in Spanish in Health Professions. Following graduating from Texas Christian, Matthew is hoping to attend medical school and pursue a profession in pediatric surgery. Matthew has been helping the community throughout his life. In high school he worked in collaboration with the Let It Be Foundation, a pediatric cancer foundation, as well as the Challenger Baseball organization working with special needs children for eight years. He received the Cameron Mitchell Scholar Award and the Robert L. & Jack T. Clauer Memorial Award by Damien High School for recognition of his service.



CHief Financial Officer

Ryan Fridolfs

Ryan Fridolfs is a Biology major on the pre-dental track at Texas Christian University. Ryan graduated from Rancho Bernardo High School in San Diego, California. After graduating college he hopes to attend dental school, serve in the Navy, and then a career in oral surgery. In the past, Ryan has worked with the United Service Organization, which provides services for veterans, and The Ronald McDonald House which provides food and housing for families of hospitalized children.



Head of outreach

Peyton Moore

Peyton is a junior at Texas Christian University from Springfield, Missouri where he graduated from Kickapoo High School. He is currently on the pre-med track and majoring in Biology. Following graduation, Peyton is hoping to attend medical school and pursue a career as a family physician. He has always had a passion for service, and hopes to be able to provide help with medicine on a global level when he is older.




Jake Lynn

Jake Lynn is a junior Biology Major, Chemistry and Spanish in the Health Professions Minor, on the Pre-Medicine Track at Texas Christian University. Jake graduated from Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, Missouri. After graduation, Jake plans on attending Medical School in Texas and pursing a career as a cardiologist. Jake has a passion for serving others and has attended two services trips to build homes for those in need, one to Robbins, Tennessee to work with Habitat for Humanity and one to San Andres Itzapa, Guatemala with his church. In high school Jake was a 2-time recipient of the R-Award in recognition for his commitment to service in high school. Most recently, Jake spent this past summer working an internship at Bishop Sullivan Center, a local non-profit organization which helps provide food, financial aid, and job opportunities for individuals and families in Kansas City.